Date of Birth: Aug. 30
From: Saitama
Blood type: B

Joined in the second generation J Soul Brothers in November in 2007
Joined in WXILE as a Performer on the 1st of March in 2009
Became leaders with Naoko Kobayashi for 3rd generation J Soul Brothers formed in 2010
Except a performer activity, he does in a large range of activities such as dramas/stages.
He performed as Tomonori Kashiwagi for [Last/Cinderella] on a drama for Fuji TV in April in 2013.
Naoto was preferred as a cast in charge of the MC on Tuesday of the program "Viking" which is the successor program of "Waratte Iitomo" on Fuji TV.
In 2015, he published his first book, "EXILE NAOTO's Life Futures Booklet" in 2015, and he has been also very active in new fields, such that he launched the fashion brand "SEVEN", in which he was a creative director.
In April 2016, his first-time starring was decided for the TV Tokyo drama 24 "Night Hero NAOTO" as himself as its principal character.
He is expanding his possibility as an entertainer not only as "performer" or "actor" but also from various aspects.

【Major activity history】
The main role (in September 2010) for CBC establishment 60th anniversary x Nagoya JC 60th anniversary drama "Okagesamade!"
TBS "SPEC" # 8 (Karno kai) guest performer (in December 2010)
Fuji TV Thursday drama "Last/Cinderella" (From April to June in 2010)
Nihon TV "Frenemy ~drain rat town~" the main role (From July to September in 2013)
"Sakura sakura" The author: Masashi Sada (Released in April 2014)
"Coral and red wheelchair" (Released in Fbruary 2015)
■Stage Theater
Theater Group EXILE the second performance "CROWN - Not sleep, over the night...-" (May, 2008)
"Attack No.1" (January, 2009)
"They say men are on the iron tower" (October, 2009)
Reading aloud drama "If you are..." staged by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (February, 2010)
Theater Group EXILE JUNCTION #1 "NIGHT BALLET" (March, 2010)
Theater Group the forth performance "DANCE EARTH - Hope-" (May, 2010)
Wood box meeting the 4th performance "Holding a guitar~I did it! Honda special!~" (On the 14th of February in 2013)
"Attack No. 1" (From August to September in 2013)
FM Yokohama "Keep On Dreaming" (From 2011~2013)
Twitter: @Naoto_EX_3JSB_

Instagram: exile_naoto_