Naoki Kobayashi

Date of Birth: Nov. 10
From: Chiba
Blood type: O

Joined in the second J Soul Brothers in November 2007.
Joined in EXILE as a performer on the 1st of March in 2009.
NAOKI was also the leader of the 3rd J Soul Brothers united in 2010 with NAOTO.
In conjunction with the start of the 4th chapter of EXILE on July, 2014, he changed his act name NAOKI back to his actual name, Naoki Kobayashi.
He acted as an actor in addition to a performer, and he actively participated in plays. Not to mention about the theater EXILE, he acted his socks off on "the murder case in Atami" (produced by Kohei Tsuka, choreographed by Shunichi Okamura) held since February 2013 as the role of Kintaro Oyama, and he received good reputation from various people.
Debuted in tv drama "Doctor no problem Tasuke" which aired in December 2014. " In February 2015 gave an enthusiastic performance in TV Asahi's "Kuroha: female detective".
In addition, slated to perform in the film Tatara Samurai (scheduled for release in 2017)
Expanding abilities as an actor embodying "person of expression" as a performer

【Major activity history】
d video "Doctor no problem Tasuke" (December 2014 - broadcasting)
TV Asahi "Kuroha: female detective". (February 22, 2015: in the role of Raiun )
"Tatara samurai" directed by Nishikori Yoshinari (planned open for 2017)
■Stage Theater
Theatrical group EXILE first performance "Burned by the sun" (2017 September to October)
Theatrical group EXILE second performance "CROWN - Not sleep, over the night...-" (May 2008)
”Attack No.1" (January 2009)
"They say men are on the iron tower" (October 2009)
Theatrical group EXILE JUNCTION #1 (March 2010)
Theatrical group EXILE fourth performance "DANCE EARTH~hope~" (May 2010)
Kohei Tsuka Theater「The Atami murder case」(Feb- March 2013)
「Attack No.1 」stage performance (August - September 2013)
「Flying dragon legend 21~Bloody autumn~」guest performance (October 7-9 2013)
DANCE EARTH PROJECT Global Entertainment 「Changes」(May 2014)
FM Yokohama「Keep On Dreaming」(2011-2013)