Kenjiro Yamashita

Date of Birth:May 24
Blood Type:Un Know

From EXPG Osaka, and did instructor.
Well expressive performance caught attention, from 2007 attends EXILE's tour.
Kenjiro Yamashita appeared on JUNCTION#1"NIGHT BALLET" of theater company EXILE in the next year, 2010. He was also in charge of the choreograph of the performance, and received high reputation as for both the act and the performance.
In September in the same year, 2010, he participated in the 3rd J Soul Brothers as a member of the performers, and he made debut by releasing "Best Friend's Girl" in November.
Currently he acts as an actor in addition to a performer, and now expanding his activity such as performing MC on the radio and in events.

【Major activity history】
Nihon TV「Rokudenashi BLUES」7th story appearance as guest(2011 August)
Nihon TV「 Furenemi- ~city of rat~」(2013 July~September: role of Jogasaki Kenichi)
Fuji TV「Villainy ganbo」5th story appearance as guest(2014 May: role of Onigiri Masao)
NHK BS premium「on day duck bus」(2015 July~August: Kousuke Namiki)
TBS「village of Napoleon」(2015 July~September: role of Misaki naoto)
Nihon TV「HiGH&LOW ~THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D.~」(2015 October~Dcember: role of Dan)
■Stage Theater
Theatrical group  EXILE 1st performance 「Words~promise/betrayal~for all the things lost…」(2009 October~November)
Theatrical group  EXILE JUNCTION#1「NIGHT BALLET」(2010 March)
Theatrical group  EXILE 4th performance 「DANCE EARTH ~wish~」(2010 May)
Theatrical group  EXILE Hanagumi×Kazegumi collaboration performance「 Rokudenashi BLUES」(2010 December: role of Hamada)
Theatrical group  EXILE「Attack No.1」(2013august~September: role of Otaki Tetsuo Second lieutenant)
「Monsieur!」(2013 October~November: role of Tozaki Takeshi)
FM Yokohama 「Keep On Dreaming」(2011~2013)
Nippon radio「3rd J Soul Brothers Yamashita Kenjiro's all night Nippon」(2015 April~)
Main character of the Shueisha Books "Natsuichi 2015" Campaign(2015)
Nippon Broadcast, LIVE EXPO TOKYO 2016 ALL LIVE NIPPON VOL.4(Jan. 2016) Main MC