Takanori Iwata

Date of Birth:Mar. 6
Blood Type:B

2010: Debut as 3rd generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE "Best Friend's Girl"
2013: Started acting career with a play "Attack No.1".
April 27, 2014: Selected as the new EXILE performer at EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION FINAL at Nihon Budokan. He is playing by holding the additional post of EXILE and 3rd generation J Soul Brothers at the moment.
He appeared for as of a Nihon TV drama "Wild Heros" and in the same year in October, a Nihon TV drama "HiGH & LOW THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D.".
His first movie in "Plant picture book" was decided 2016/6/4.
He is active in a various fields such as an actor, in CMs centering performer activities of EXILE, 3rd generation J Soul Brothers.

【Main activity history】
Fuji TV "Dear sister" for Eijin Sakuraba (2014/10~12)
Nihon TV " Wild Heros" for Harutaro Saeki (2015/4~6)
Nihon TV "HiGH & LOW ~ THE SORY OF S.W.O.R.D.~" for a cobra (2015/10~12)
"Close EXPLODE" for Hiroki Shibata (Released in 2014/4/12)
■Stage Theater
"Attack No. 1" (2013/9)
"Monsieur!" (2013/10~11)
FM Yokohama「Keep On Dreaming」(2011~2013)
Samantha Tiara & Samantha Thavasa「Samantha tiara luxury」(2014 June~)
Ezaki Gulico「Pocky」(2015~)
Solo photo book 「G Takanori Iwata 3rd J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE」(2014 March 6th release)
Twitter: @T_IWATA_EX_3JSB

Instagram: takanori_iwata_official