Ryuji Imaichi

Date of Birth:Sep. 2
Blood Type:A

Ryuji Imaichi participated in "VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2 - to the young who had a dream -" held in 2010. He was chosen as a vocal of the 3rd J Soul Brothers with Hiroomi Tosaka.
He also made debut by releasing "Best Friend's Girl" in November, 2010.
He joined and released songs in"DANCE EARTH PARTY that is active in a national anthem solo singer on a stage of Boxing world Championship in 2013, EXILE USA in 2015, EXILE TETSUYA and E-girls/Dream Shizuka as well as he is building a firm position as a vocal such as a collaboration with Crystal Kay.

【Main activity history】
Join in "DANCE EARTH PARTY" active in EXILE USA, EXILE TETSUYA, E-girls/Dream Shizuka and released Godaigo's famous song "BEAUTIFUL NAME" cover song (Released in 2015/8/5) by the name of "DANCE EARTH PARTY feat. The Skatalites +Ryuji Imaichi from the third J Soul Brothers.
As "Cry Kay feat. Ruji Imaichi ( 3rd generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE), he released "Very Special" in Japanese ( Released on the 16th of December 2015: Recorded on Crystal Kay album "Shine".
FM Yokohama "Keep On Dreaming" (2011~2013)
J-WAVE "SPARK" (2014~)
Moist/Daian "Oil shampoo" (2013)
Samantha Thavasa (2014)
beats by dr. dre(2014)
Aoyama Trading western clothes line (2015)
Suntory "The Malt's"(September 2015)
September 2013「IBF World Superfly title deciding match - 13th Great East Japan earthquake charity match」National anthem sol