Hiroomi Tosaka

Date of Birth:Mar. 12
Blood Type:A

Joined "VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2: To the youth that had dreams" that was held in 2010. Chosen as vocals for Sandaime J Soul Brothers together with Ryuji Imaichi.
Debuted with "Best Friend's Girl" on November of the same year.
Hiroomi Tosaka was starred in the movie "Hot Road" (directed by Takahiro Miki) in 2014. He received the 39th Newcomer Award of Hochi Newspaper, the 69th Mainichi Film Competition, the Suponichi Grand Prix Rookie Award, the 24th Japan Film Reviewer Award, the New Actor Award (the Toshiko Minami Prize), and also the New Actor Award pf the 38th Japan Academy Awards so he decorated his spectacular debut as an actor.
In October 2015, he released his first photo essay of his own "NOBODY KNOWS".
In addition to his unique one and only singing voice, he is expanding the range of activities as an expressionist, too.

【Major activity history】
"Hot Road" Role: Yoji Haruyama (August 2014)
The 39th Hochi film new face award
The 69th Mainichi Film Awards, Sport Nippon Grand Prix new face award
The 24th Japanese Movie Critics Awards new face award
The 38th Japanese Academy Award rookie actor award
"Terrace House Closing Door Forbidden supplementary sound version" (May 2015)
Fuji TV「Terrace House」(April- September 2013)
Nippon TV「HiGH&LOW ~THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D. ~」Amemiya Hiroto(October - December 2015)
FM Yokohama「Keep On Dreaming」(2011-2013)
KOSE 「adidas skin protection」(2012)
Moist Diane 「Oil shampoo」(2013)
Samantha Thavasa (2014-)
Acecook 「Super cup」(2014-)
AOYAMA TRADING Aoyama western line(2015)
Rohto Pharmaceutical「Rohto Z b」(2015)
Ezaki Glico 「Pocky」(2015)
Suntory「The Malt's」(September 2015 - )
Photo essay「NOBODY KNOWS」(October 2015 Gentosha Inc.
Twitter: @HIROOMI_3JSB_

Instagram: 3jsb_hiroomi_tosaka